Back in Rovigo!

November 2023

Buon giorno amici! My husband has almost completed the process to obtain his Italian citizenship. His grandparents were born in Italy and that gives him the option/gift of applying. He will then be a dual citizen US/Italy. One of the easier ways to obtain citizenship is to work with an attorney and establish residency in Italy while applying.

The attorney we chose is in the northeast of Italy, in the Veneto region, in a town called Rovigo so it made sense to establish residency here temporarily. Rovigo is a smaller town with about 50,000 residents. We can walk to everything we need ~ shops, cafes, restaurants and grocery stores. The train station is a five-minute walk from our apartment! Everyone is so kind and patient with our limited Italian and they now are starting to recognize us. We were here for 3 months in the Spring and now are back for three more months. If all goes well, my husband will have his citizenship and passport by the end of the year.

The fall weather is lovely and we have the added bonus of connecting with a small group of Americans who are going through the same process of obtaining citizenship as my husband. So more social events! Living in Italy has been an awesome experience. People have a better work-life balance here then in the US. They value things that are truly important ~ time together, high quality and delicious food, good coffee and wine, walking and vacations! Basically, La Dolce Vita!

If you would like to experience this amazing country, please contact me to start creating an itinerary or to review what you already have in mind. I have become an experienced traveler and have lots of great ideas and advice to make your trip one to remember!

Ciao! -Alex

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